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20th July 2014

In June 2014, Jenny Macpherson, Lizzie Croose and Henry Schofield visited the Netherlands to learn about some of the pioneering work being carried out in the country on pine martens. We were the guests of the Dutch Mammal Society, who are based in Nijmegen, a city in the east of the country close to the German border. There is a strong pine marten working group within the Dutch Mammal Society and their members have been carrying out long-term work on the species as populations recover from a historical decline.

During our time there we visited their key study sites in Veluwezoom National Park to witness the denning behaviour of pine martens, how this is monitored, and the range of denning sites used by martens. We also took park in a mini-symposium at which VWT staff also presented.

We had a very useful and thought-provoking few days in the Netherlands and it was really useful to get a different perspective on martens from our Dutch hosts. We’d like to thank Rob van Westrienen and the Dutch Mammal Society for hosting the trip, and particularly to Bart Noord who organised the programme for us.

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